Larry Anderson Moving has earned reputation to be one of the best moving companies in Miami. We complete every removal jobs to the highest standard. We listen to our customers, and that’s why we are able to give the best service to them. We make our customers stress free during the whole relocation process.

Moving businesses are very high on demand nowadays. People are getting busier each day and so they have very less time to deal with all these. Moving on your own is only possible when you have enough time, large vehicles and lot of people to help you. Otherwise, you should get help from us.


There are no hidden costs in our service. Our quoted amount is the amount you will pay. We provide a team of workers, including a supervisor, to your house on the day of removal. They are fully aware of their work in advance and start working according to the plan developed by us. We send a surveyor to visit you before the day of removal. The surveyor notes down the number and nature of all items, like fragile items, expensive items, etc. Then we develop a strategy for moving your items safely. Our team is well equipped to move any item. We pack your items and load it into our vehicles. Once we arrive at the destination, we unpack your items, put them where you want them to be and clear the clutter in the rooms.


We guarantee providing a reliable service that is suited to your unique needs and budget. We ensure that your possessions will be relocated without any damage. We provide services for both household and commercial properties. So, if you need us, call us!


What To Look For In A Great Removals Service